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Monday, May 7, 2018



Sooo the reason I haven’t been posting much these weeks or even months is that I have moved back to Paris and I’m now between Paris and New-York.

Being back after almost 5 years is a mix of a lot of different feelings! A lot of new places have open and I feel like a tourist..I’ll share some of my new favorite places along with old ones.

I have been so much in love with New-York but I have to admit that discovering Paris again makes me realize how romantic the city can be.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Top of Rockfeller building

Freedom Tower


Coney island

Coney island

Flatiron building

Central Park

The Gutter bowling

Having family or friends visiting you is always a good excuse to be a tourist again in New York.

So here i go, enjoying the beautiful streets of New York, taking a cruise all along the Hudson river, under the bridge of Dumbo, walking by the Flatiron building to the Freedom tower, and by the sea of Coney Island, looking at boats at Central Park, enjoying a nice jazz concert at Fat Cat and relaxing at the Gutter playing bowling….and so much more we did and could have done too!

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Old souls
Old souls
Cold Spring General Store
Cold Spring General Store
Half Moon records
Cold Spring Apothecary
Cold Spring Apothecary
West Point Foundry Preserve

Cold Spring is one of the perfect location for a day trip from New York. It will take you about an hour and half by train to go there.
A lot of people go there for hiking but it’s also perfect for a one day relaxing trip, swinging between antique stores, cute coffees and nice walks.

There are a lot of cute stores along the main street and that’s pretty much where you’ll find everything. I enjoyed a nice meal at the Hudson Hil’s and then headed to the West Point Foundry by walking all Kemble avenue to its end.

Monday, August 15, 2016


WM. Farmer and Sons
WM. Farmer and Sons
Woodstock general
John Doe Books and Records
Sideshow clothing
Hudson city books
Bonfiglio and Bread
Café le perche
The secret gardener nursery
The secret gardener nursery
ÖR Gallery and Tavern
ÖR Gallery and Tavern
 Rivertown lodge

As i’ve never been to the Catskills Nyc, Hudson was the first ideal location for a 2 days getaway trip.

Take a train from Penn station to Hudson NY, and within 2 hours you’ll be in this cute little town.

The weather was really hot and we decided to stay in the little town and stores and not go hiking around.

The main street Warren street, has all the shopping stores, and restaurants. You can enjoy a lot of antiques, vintage and local stores.
The around streets are really nice to walk on as well, with beautiful mansions houses and tones of character.

For little breakfast or lunch we tried Tanzy’s. Cute little restaurant with vintage vibes, has good and affordable meals.

You can also enjoy a nice lunch at Bonfiglio and Bread and sit on their outside benches and table.

Café le perche is a really cute french bakery and bistro and has a delicious menu, they also have a nice private backyard.

Stop by Flowerkraut a beautiful flower stores, where you can shop amazing plants, planter, ceramics and more. I really likes the vibes and deco of his store.

From all the vintage stores, i really like Sideshow store, a vintage clothes one, with really good selection, from 70’s to mexican embroidered blouses, with really good prices.

Try all the little antiques stores and find some nice affordable vintage objects or collectors.

Hudson city books is a really charming bookstore with interesting selection of rare or collector books, from art to litterature.

For music, stop by John Doe Books and Records for vinyl shopping and have a look at Musica and its nice selection of music instruments.

We stopped by Ör Gallery & Tavern for a iced coffee, where you can enjoy a nice indoor and outdoor space, peaceful with great atmosphere.

At night we enjoyed a cocktail at Rivertown lodge and its cosy bar (that might be even more cosy during winter time) before going back to our hotel the WM. Farmers and Sons. (really convenient hotel with affordable rooms, 5 minutes walk from the train station.)

We couldn’t try all the other places that looked really nice, i definitely would love to come back.

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