Saturday, June 25, 2016


Emirates plane
Oberoi hotel Bangalore
Oberoi hotel Bangalore
Oberoi hotel Bangalore
Oberoi hotel Bangalore
Oberoi hotel Bangalore
Oberoi hotel Bangalore
Oberoi hotel Bangalore
Oberoi hotel Bangalore - when i was missing american breakfast
Welcoming flower guirland
Skyye bar
Skyye bar
Fashion factory

A few weeks ago I had to go to Bangalore - India - for work.

Having always wanted to visit that country, I was delighted to go through my work and also enjoy the break with Times Square and the office it was going to get me.

Above all, I had the chance to travel with the airline Emirates. The service and quality was really enjoyable,lots of drinks, snacks and food, seats are spacious and they provide a very wide selection of movies, music and documentaries to watch during the trip.
Not negligible comfort, as the trip takes about 24 hours, counting a stopover in Dubai.

Once in Bangalore, I stayed at the Oberoi hotel, a beautiful hotel with impeccable service.
The garden is like a beautiful jungle and the rooms have small balconies facing the garden and trees.
There are several restaurants within the hotel, Chinese, Thai and continental and rates are very affordable.
The rooms are modern and clean with nice beauty products :)
The hotel has a spa that I've experienced on my last day in the city, and once again an impeccable service.
The spa offers face, body, ayurvedic massages and more at rates starting from around $ 100.
After the hot oil massage, you can finish the treatment with steam room to yourself directly in your cabin.

I had to work every day of the week and visit factories around 1hour from the center and unfortunately did not have the time to visit the city.
I could observed a really crazy traffic where cars sand scooter are sharing the streets, driving in all directions and honking a lot. The landscape that I observed was a mixture of poverty and unexpected situations mixed for other more modern places like this great UB city mall, where you can find many bars, restaurants and shops.

The brochure of the hotel did show other hotels in India and some places look beautiful visit as well.


It might sounds weird but i always find good inspiration in the New York subway, through its colors, textures, imperfections.

I always find color palette that inspires me for my collections :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Inconspicuous from the outside, open the door of Doris for a nice break from busy Fulton street.

With perfect space size and intimate lights, Doris immediately offers a friendly and cosy ambience.

Good selection of old records sitting by the bar and bottles.

Enjoy a nice cocktail inside or take your drink to the garden where ping pong table, and backyard are available late in the evening. Peaceful space with great selection of food and drinks, one of my favorite places in Bedstuy brooklyn.

Doris / 1088 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238


I recently was on my way to get new navy Converse when i decided to try to dye my old ones that were in a nice but not easy teal color.

I’m pretty happy with the result and i found it now really cool and easy to dye any pair of sneakers of the color of your choice. Even better if you find some cheap white trainers and want to dye them yourself.

I dyed them heavenly (although my bucket wasn’t big enough so the heel is not 100% dyed but i kind of like the indigo effect it gives to it).

You can also be imaginative and try more crazy dye effect, half dye, 2 colors etc

Here is below how i have proceeded for mine.

You will need:

-Hand dye (i used DYLON as picture)


-1 cup salt - hot water

Start by putting 6 liters (25 cups) of hot water in your bucket. Add 250ml (1 cup) of salt and stir.

Beside in another bowl, mix 1/2 liter (2 1/4 cups) of hot water with your dye powder or liquid.

Dissolve the dye solution into the salt solution and stir again.

Wet your shoes under water before starting or pre wash them to make sure the dye will stay, and put then in the bucket, make sure they are completely under water.

Let dye for about 45 minutes. Rince under water and wash them in the washing machine with a bit of detergent.

I was scared the plastic parts would also be tinted so i covered them with some plastic tape while in the dye solution. Some people use some wax too that will protect the plastic being tinted. If some plastic part are affected, you can clean them with a mix of hot water, baking soda and white vinegar. Scrub it and rinse with warm water.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Summer is here, and it’s hot in Brooklyn!

I recently have been away travelling for work but will post more very shortly!

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