Tuesday, April 18, 2017


A few months ago I discovered the spa of Joanna Vargas, known for high quality skin care in New York, working also with a couple of vip clients.

I realized that I have not been to see an esthetician since years now and that my skin really needed it.

The salon offers a multitude of treatments for the face and the body and also offers led therapy treatment.

I first tested the facial puryfing, a classic facial, as mentioned on the site "This facial shrinks the pores and refines the texture of the skin, giving a new glow".

Subsequently I bought a package of 4 treatments "triple facial crown » a « combination of microdermabrasion, micro-current and infused oxygen treatment to refine, relieve and tone your skin ».

The results were much more noticeable to me and the skin looks great and firmer for a couple of days/weeks.

She works a lot with her own beauty lines full of great natural ingredients and the great organic beauty line from Eminence.

When my package will be done, i want to try the oxygen purifying one that looks pretty great too.

501 5TH AVE, SUITE 1203 NEW YORK, NY 10017 212 / 949 – 2350

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