Monday, July 9, 2018


Moving back to Paris had surprised me by the amount of new stores that opened while I was abroad.

Rue du chateau d’eau is one of my fav example as the whole street is all about new stores, from home decor and plants to bike stores and coffee shops.

Last month the street had all its stores having a street party where you can win a selection of gifts from almost all of the street stores.

My friend Annelise and I ending up playing some French bingo call loto in one of my new fav store called la Trésorerie. They have a great selection of home decor, beauty and home products with amazing taste! I’ll definitely go back take some pictures to share. People could win some gifts from the wine store, books, plants stores of the street and more, playing in a funny and happy atmosphere over cheese boards and drinks. At the very end of the game, i got very lucky and was the winner of that last one game and won 2 bags full of gifts from the store itself. (exactly what i wanted!! ) Here pictures are my gifts, a Japanese super light towel, cute plant ceramic pot, Swedish egg soap and a metal soap case, some wood brush for bath or kitchen and my fav, a little mist sprayer by the brand Haws. It looks so nice in the house and the size is cute and perfect.

I feel spoiled and happy :)

LA TRESORERIE - 11, rue du château d'eau, 75010 Paris -

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